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Written By: Xarisa, Sharonne & Mike

If you were wonder what Salalah is like, here's an account of an EWer's trip there

Trip to Salalah Oman

We arrived at Salalah bus station. We had arranged a tour guide and so he was there to pick us up. Our first destination was Eastern Salalah, considered as the best bird-watching area in the Middle East. Seagulls and falcons were to be seen along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. Along the way, coconut trees were dancing in the wind just as we passed by the Sultan’s three palaces. It was like the old Dubai where camels walked down the road and you wouldn’t dare bump into them. We came across a land area overlooking the magnificent beach of Salalah. We went up the Green Mountains and watched the cows, donkeys and camels mingle with each other. It was the perfect place to relax, smell the fresh air and embrace nature.

Next stop, West Salalah! We heard a lot about the place from its history to wealth and tourist attractions. During the summer, the monsoon festival known as Khareef, takes place here. You can witness different music and dance performances from several groups, enjoy the sale and exhibition of Omani products and have fun with sports events during summer months.

We went to Jebel Qara where the tomb of Prophet Ayoub, known as Job in the Old Testament, is located. It is an important site for the city. For those who wish to visit, you need to cover your head, shoulders and knees. Going down the mountains, we headed to Mughsayl Beach which is 40 km west to the town. It is a beautiful golden beach with magnificent view of the sea rough mountains and cliffs. During the strong currents of the sea, you would see the blow holes producing water fountains up to 15 metres high.

Our last stop for our Oman tour was the Frankincense located near Khor Rohri 37 kilometres from Salalah, a World Heritage location by UNESCO. Our tour guide took a knife and removed frankincense oil from the twig. You can smell the aroma of this beautiful item, considered as the white gold of Oman. Frankincense can be bought in the souq from RO 1 to RO 5 depending on the size. Our tour in Oman was awesome we should have extended our trip. it’s one of the places in the Middle East you can enjoy a tropical summer below 40 degrees!