Excursions of Salalah

Explore the Beauty of Oman with Marhaba Dhofar

Welcome to Salalah, a cozy country filled with Dhofar Region landmarks, quaint villages, iconic green countryside, and charming historic towns. Often extraordinary and always charming, take a journey through one of the most unique destinations on the planet The southernmost province of Oman is a world away from the industrious north and is separated geographically by an interminable gravel desert. With its historic frankincense trade, great beaches, a laid-back atmosphere and an interesting ethnic mix, it’s a fascinating place to visit, particularly during or just after the khareef (mid-June to late August season of mists and light rains).
There are many possible day trips from Salalah, including Job’s Tomb, the heroic town of Mirbat with its beautiful beaches, and Mughsail, famed for some violent blowholes in the undercliff and for nearby groves of wild frankincense.
If you are travelling during the khareef and can put up with the unremittingly tedious journey from Muscat or Nizwa, it is worth going overland to Salalah across the largely featureless Al Wusta Region and returning by plane. This is the best way to sense the full spectacle of the khareef across the top of the jebel; after eight hours of gravel plains, Dhofar seems like a little miracle.

Land Excursions

Salalah is the capital and seat of the governor of Dhofar the southern province of Oman . Salalah is the second largest city in the Sultanate of Oman and the largest city in the Dhofar Provence and was its largest capital.

Desert Adventures

Experience The World's Highest Sand Dune Desert Oman is known for its magnificent mountains that can be found throughout its lands. It is also distinguished with some of the most unique deserts in the Middle East, like Al Rub’ Al Khali (The Empty Quarter) in Oman.

Water Sea Activity

Enjoy with Marhaba Dhofar private sun-drenched shores or get out on the water and get active. Go whale and dolphin watching, fishing or enjoy a breathtaking dive. The total Omani fishing experience fantastic lodges and a professional crew Motorized and non-motorized sort of water sports is available along with boat cruises and deep water fishing options.

Special Actions

Beauty has an Address Explore the beauty of Oman with Marhaba Dhofar in Special Action Section