Welcome To Oman


Welcome To Oman

Perched on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman overlooks the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman with a procession of pristine sandy beaches and off-shore islands, precious nesting grounds for endangered sea turtles. Close to the shore, hard and soft coral reefs teem with brilliantly coloured fish. The country’s most fertile lands lie to the north, where palms, frankincense, oleander and acacia proliferate. Beyond, the land rises to rugged mountainous slopes, dry as a bone in summer and lush with greenery during monsoon rains. At the heart of Oman lie vast areas of desert, ideal for camel trekking and camping under the stars.

Oman borders Saudia Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. It has been inhabited since pre-historic times with signs of ancient cave paintings and settlements as old as 8000 years. The region was subjugated by numerous empires and in the 7th century AD Oman adopted Ibadism – a conservative form of Islam. As an organised and self-governing territory, the country traces its roots to the 16th century, when a Yemeni tribe from the region of Uman settled the area and established a Sultanate, whose male descendants continue to rule the country today, Known for its traditional hospitality, Oman makes you feel right at home from the time you arrive, until the moment you leave. The local Omanis are very friendly and always willing to help. English is widely spoken although sometimes on a very basic form.

Why Visit Oman

  • A chance to experience one of the oldest civilization in the region, where the land of Arabian nights come to life
  • Romantic and secluded, Oman is perfect for honeymoon or just couples looking to get away together and enjoy the natural peace and quiet
  • If you're a bit of a shopper you can enjoy an authentic Omani experience and keep an eye out for bargain buys at traditional Arabic souks in the historic city of Muscat
  • Go on dolphin or whale watching expeditions – these majestic creatures often come surprisingly close to the coast so your boat trip might not take as long as you think
  • Enjoy rugged desert safaris while knowing that the comfort of amazing accommodation is never far away


  1. Oman is the only independent Arab state, ruled by the Al-Said family since 1744
  2. The ruler of Oman is known as the Sultan
  3. Traditionally, Omanis eat their food on the floor or ground with the food spread on a cloth
  4. Oman is the only country in Arabia were bullfighting is a tradition
  5. Until 1970 there were no hotels in Oman at all!
  6. Oman is famous for its intricate doors - even the simplest houses have beautiful doors

Destination Information

Official Name : Sultanate of Oman
Head of State : His Majesty Sulthan Qaboos Bin Said
Currency : Omani Rials (1 US$ = 0.384 OMR; 1 Euro = 0.594 OMR)
Capital : Muscat
Main Cities : Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa, Sur, Salalah
Total Surface : 309,500 km2 Religion : Islam
Time : GMT +4 Hours
Language : Arabic is the native language of the country. However, English is widely spoken and accepted as business language.
Those involved in tourism industry speak German, French, Italian & Spanish among other languages.
Credit Card : Visa, Master Card, American Express. All major credit cards are accepted in main hotels, shopping malls. However,
in traditional souqs, the cash is preferred mode of transactions.
Business Hours : Banks – Sunday to Thursday : 0800 – 1400 Hrs
Government Offices – Sunday to Thursday : 0730 – 1400 Hrs Private Sector – Saturday – Thursday : 0800 – 1900 Hrs